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Luxury is feeling unrushed.

– Miss Anita Love


So you have just landed from your Business Class or First Class flight. You take a pre-booked limousine to your five or six star hotel suite. The priority check-in is a smooth experience.

You slump on the plush suede-lined couch in the living room of your presidential suite exhausted from typing, reading, catching up on phone calls and just thinking. You would love a beautiful glass of cognac or a single malt whisky on the rocks, but you are too tired to get off the couch to do it yourself. You decide to order room service even though you hate the idea of eating alone, especially when you do not know what you should order or how the food will turn out.

You are tired…physically and mentally spent. You think to yourself how nice it would be to not have to think…even for a few hours or better still for a few days while you are in this city. You wonder what it would feel like to be looked after while you work hard attending your VIP business meetings. How nice it would be to not have to worry about

  • where your next meal would be and whether it would be a decent feed
  •  what activities you will do
  • how you will get to the restaurant and back. Will you book a taxi? What are the taxis like in Singapore, Hong Kong, Doha, Shanghai, Jakarta, Bangkok, London, Mumbai, Delhi, Zurich, Paris, Fiji, New Zealand or Tokyo?
  • what you will do in the spare few hours you have between coming back to your suite after a hard day’s work and before going to bed?
  • whether you will sleep well enough. A man has his needs and you need a release to help you feel refreshed and energised for another tough day at work.

You would love a companion, a trustee associate outside of bed and in. Someone who you will feel comfortable having around you…someone who will be there when you need her and who will go out of her way to ensure you have the best time possible. After all the work you do in giving, giving, giving, it would be nice to have someone who will give you something in return.

You are only used to luxury and you know how hard it is to find someone who is accustomed to the finer things in life. Your taste is exquisite and you demand and expect the best of the best with everything.

There is such a variety of companions to choose from so who do you pick? You may have had your fair share of dealing with bitchy women and the last thing you need is a whining, unappreciative bimbo. You want someone who is beautiful on the inside as well as out. Someone who is accustomed to high living and who is going to apreciate how you will look after her, and reciprocate with kindess and care inside the bedroom and out. You want someone who:

– has a pleasant personality
– is good in bed and can satisfy your needs
– will stimulate you mentally…in a good way
– you can have a conversation with about anything, a good conversationlist whether it be about Hugh Hefner or taxation in the USA (you know how easy it is to fall prey to an escort with little knowledge of English).

Not only do I know how hard it can be to have everything done right, have everything done perfectly, just the way you like it, I know how hard it is to find someone to do this for you.

Call me your VIP Escort Concierge and Companion.

A little about me…

I have travelled the world over not only to meet clients but also to travel with them. From Zurich and London for business conferences to Fiji and New Zealand for exquisite fun-filled vacations. I have travelled with some of the most prominent men in Australia and around the world. Chairmans of banks, VPs of multinational companies, high ranking politicians, businessmen of multi-milion dollar companies, essentially Very Important People. I know luxury. I live luxury. I am luxury…

…but more importantly, I know discretion.

I am the best of the best. A connoisseur of fine foods and wines, a perfectionist right from the word go. Organised, meticulous and punctual, I expect everything to be in order and chaos-free. Having dined at the top restaurants around the world and lived in the most exquisite of residences, I know my way around etiquette when hosting, dining and drinking. I am the ‘It’ lady. People come to me for advice on where to visit, what to eat, where to stay and what to do.

I am arm candy and a very intelligent one.

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Here are photos of some of the places I’ve visited and stayed in while travelling with clients for business and pleasure.


Call me on +61414583248 for a personalised itinerary for the two of us or for you and your partner.

The One and Only, Melbourne Private Escort, Miss Anita Love.