Do you provide natural services?

Not only do I not provide any natural services under any circumstances, I do not see anyone who requests for them due to the risk and probability that you may already be infected with an STD from having received natural services in the past. I am a 100% clean escort who has never provided natural services and my clients see me for that reason. I will decline your interest in booking me should you request for this service.


How much notice do you need for me to see you?

Generally appointments should be made 12-24 hours in advance. However, I will endeavour to accommodate late appointments.


Are your pictures and description of yourself real?

My description and pictures are 100% accurate. If anything, you can expect to be impressed as I look better in person. 


Can you send me a picture of yourself?

I am unable to accommodate that request. I find requests for photos of my face highly offensive. My model looks are well reviewed online and I am very confident that you will not be disappointed with my appearance. 


How will you dress for our meeting?

My style is sophisticated & elegant while sexy at the same time. If we are going to be in public, ie. for dinner dates, I will always be discreet. I will always be dressed in sexy lingerie. My wardrobe is extensive ranging from cocktail dresses to casual wear. If you have a preference for a particular outfit, please let me know in advance of making a booking.


How can I contact you?

The best way to get in touch with me is by sending me an SMS or ringing me. Please use my contact template when contacting me by email or SMS. Please remember to indicate your preferred contact date & time when making contact as I will need to ring you to confirm the appointment. My full contact details are listed here.

If you decide to ring me on my mobile and I am unavailable, you will be diverted to my voicemail. Please leave a message indicating your preferred contact date & time, your name and phone number and I will return your call as soon as I can.


I sent you an email/have made a booking online but have not heard back from you.

If you have sent me an email or made an online booking, I will generally respond within 12-24 hours. Please ensure you have provided the correct mobile number to contact you on.

Due to the nature of the industry, escorts receive numerous offensive emails, SMSes and voicemails. As such, if I feel that the message, email or voicemail you have sent is offensive or irrelevant, or if you have not provided sufficient information, eg. a preferred booking/contact date & time, I will be unable to respond to your enquiry. When you contact me, please ensure that you have provided your name, phone number and a preferred booking/contact date & time at a minimum.


Do you do incalls?

I provide incalls only when touring. If you require accommodation organised, I am very happy to help out for an additional charge. Please contact me should you be interested in this service. 


I have a very public profile. Is the service you provide discreet?

I completely understand the need for discretion. I am a very private person myself. You can be assured that I never give out any of my client’s personal details to anyone. I never share names or details about bookings from one client to another. I will never call you unless you have emailed, called or contacted me to make a booking.

When making deposits for bookings, you will never need to give me any of your details. Accommodation that I put myself up in when touring are always discreet and private. If we are ever in public together, you can expect quiet conversations.


Do you have a preference for the type of client you see?

I have no age, racial or gender preferences. I have also seen clients with special needs. All I ask for is for you to be hygienic, courteous and respectful so that our time together is pleasant for both of us.


What are your expectations on hygiene?

I have regular medical tests to ensure that I am 100% disease-free. I expect the same from you. Please do not make a booking if you suspect or if you suffer from an STD or an infectious disease, including if you are suffering from a cold. My hygiene levels are of the utmost importance to me. I will always smell and look fantastic. Please ensure that you do so as well. If I feel that this is not the case, I will ask for you to have a shower or clean your teeth prior to being intimate.


Can I extend my booking once I have seen you?

I do have a busy personal and working life. As such, my bookings have to be pre-arranged as I generally do not have the capacity to extend my time. It is best to make your desired booking upfront as I may not always be able to accommodate booking extensions. If I do not have any other commitments, I will happily extend the booking.


Do you offer discounts?

Think of me as the Love Doctor. Just as you would not ask your General Practitioner for a discount, please do not ask me for one either. I find phone calls, emails and SMSes about discounts highly offensive considering I provide an exceptional level of service. You do get what you pay for. I never provide a discount. I will generally disregard such enquiries. I also never extend a booking where the client asks for a discount for extension.


Can I request for additional services like toys and costumes when you arrive if I haven’t pre-booked it?

Prior to making the appointment, please determine what services you would like included as I will only bring with me what is required for the appointment with you. Please read my service inclusions carefully prior to making an appointment and request for the appropriate level of service at the time of confirming the booking.

Note that I do not carry toys or equipment with me when travelling outside of Australia. If you’d like for me to bring costumes with me on one of my tours, please indicate this when you pre-book.