How to Not Get Scammed by Escorts

I have always been worried about my own safety while escorting. On my most recent tour to Singapore, I met a client who was scammed of his money in one of the most ruthless, canniving ways imaginable to me. It is his story that inspired me to write this blog to educate my potential clients on how to protect yourself from escort scammers.

1. Always pre-book or book well in advance
Allow yourself time to pre-book so that you do not make impulsive decisions simply based on photos. Leaving your needs to “emergency” mode results in hasty bookings.

2. Do your research before booking
As much as it may seem like a good idea to book based on how an escort looks in photos alone, some research needs be conducted prior to booking to determine whether the photos are an accurate depiction of the person. Would you ever purchase a product or spend the same amount of money signing up to any service without first doing any research on it?

3. Google is your best friend
Do a Google search for the escort’s name to see if she comes up anywhere else, eg. “Anita Love escort“. Do a Google search for the number advertised on the profile.
Many a times you will find the number of scammy escorts associated with multiple different ads on Backpage, Locanto, Craigslist, etc. While these could well be escort agencies, would you trust an agency who is willing to advertise their escorts as “private escorts” and misrepresent their business? A reputable agency who advertises escorts anywhere should and will advertise their escorts as agency escorts and answer their phones as an escort agency. If you find an escort advertised as “private” or “independent” and the contact details listed are associated with an agency, can you trust anything else they say?

4. Reverse image search
Do a reverse image search of the escort’s photos to see if they have been used in any other advertising and whether this advertising is for the same escort. If you find discrepancies or multiple ads for different escorts (with different names) using the same images – I think it can safely be said they are fake or at least being deceitful.

5. Check which other REPUTABLE directories she advertises on
A reputable escort will be advertising on multiple PAID directories, especially on directories where she can be verified. For example, I advertise on Escort of Singapore in Singapore, Escorts and Babes & Private Girls in Australia, amongst other directories. These are all PAID ads. If an escort is going to scam you, she will not be heavily investing in paid advertising as the costs and efforts in maintaining these ads would outweigh the benefits.

6. Does she have her own website?
While not all private escorts will have their own websites, many will. An escort who has her own website is a big positive especially if the website has recent blog entries and is kept up to date. Reputable agencies will have their own professional websites too. If you do find an escort from an agency that you would like to book, check to see if they have a professional website with accurate information.

7. Does she advertise on websites that verify her?
For example, one of the reasons I love EOS is because of their clear verification system. 5 Star verification means I have had an online video verification with the owner of EOS who has verified that I am the person in the photos and that they are an accurate depiction of how I look in real life. You will find a lot of scammy escorts advertising as “verified” on Backpage. What does that mean I hear you ask? Fuck all….

I have yet to learn how they get verified on Backpage. Please share this information with me if you ever find out. As far as I know, all Backpage is only concerned with is overcharging the industry as they currently have a monopoly on clients using their lousy interface to search for what are a majority of fake, scammy escorts profiles with nice selfie photos.

The verification that a lot of directories use to classify their escorts as “verified” are by way of an upload of a selfie with the escort’s name written on a piece of paper. This means absolutely nothing. Many escorts have had their professional and selfie images stolen and used elsewhere. Adult stock images (including selfies) can be BOUGHT online and used for fake advertising. When you see a “verified” escort, check what the verification process is. If it isn’t listed anywhere on the website, then I wouldn’t trust the Verified status. I have advertised on websites that claim to have “verified” me where no verification whatsoever was done, one of which was Scarlet Blue.

8. Does she or the agency have some form of a screening process?
Escorting is DANGEROUS work!! Any reputable private escort or decent agency who cares their safety will screen clients! If you don’t want to be screened then expect to be scammed. Part of the screening process will and should involve ringing you or speaking to you on a normal GSM line. I for one will never accept a booking off Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat, etc. alone. If you are not willing to divulge your contact details and are quite happy
to book someone on Whatsapp, then expect that there is a chance you will be scammed.

9. Never leave sight of your moolah
I never leave my donation or my bag at any time during a booking. It is always within sight, even if I go to the toilet. If you have handed your cash over to the escort, do not let her (or your money) out of your sight. If you do, you run the risk of her running off never to return.

In essence – DTA…Do not Trust ANYBODY! Not even me!! :)))))


The One and Only, Melbourne Escort, Miss Anita Love.