Interview with Miss Anita Love

An Interview with Miss Anita Love

Spicing Sex Up

I have been in the sex industry now for over a decade and appreciate every single minute I have spent working as an escort. I was always a “different” sort – one who never fitted social norms. I was and still am a rebel, and especially a rebel for underdogs. Escorting opened my eyes to a whole new world where I can be myself and not have to fit the “social norm”.

Believe it or not, I was a virgin until my late teens. I led a very naive upbringing until I was introduced to the world of escorting while studying at university. It was all uphill from there.


What kind of sex are you into and do you have a memorable experience of one to share?

I genuinely love providing a “girlfriend experience”, or GFE. I believe it is congruent with my friendly, affectionate nature. The thought of cuddling, kissing and passionate tantric sex excites me to my core.

More recently, I discovered domination, bondage and discipline which I am absolutely loving. It’s almost like being Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. As much as I love the sensual experience of a GFE booking, I also enjoy having the chance to vent my frustrations on my slaves and subs.

The most memorable experience with a client was during a recent extended booking that included a sexy secretary domination roleplay, hot and heavy tantric sex and expensive aperitifs. It was a night to die for.

 Getting Comfortable on a Bed

Do you incorporate sex toys during sex? Which do you usually use and why do you love them?

Absolutely! I love sex toys! My personal favourite is the WeVibe Nova and WeVibe Sync which a client introduced me to. I was completely in awe at the many features, including being able to remotely turn the vibrator on using a mobile phone. I find the shape, design and feel of the WeVibe best suits me. It is also the first vibrator I have used where I have orgasm-ed without having to utilise any other “aids or appliances” (penises included).


How experimental are you and do you look for new ways to make sex kinkier?

Experiments are my forte. It probably explains why I have always maintained a completely neutral, non-judgemental environment for my clients. It also explains why I have managed to venture into new territory with the ProDomme service that I provide. My mind is open and ever-accepting of new requests, experiences and adventures.

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Are there any tips you can share for our readers to add some spice into their sex lives?

Gentlemen: A candlelight dinner, flowers and a gorgeous bottle of champagne or wine with slow and sexy music does wonders for a woman.

Ladies: Put on a mini, without undies, and sit with your legs wide open while you enjoy the freshly-prepared home-cooked dinner prepared by your man.

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