How Not To Get Scammed by Escorts – Part 2

My first blog article on this topic (How Not To Get Scammed by Escorts) presented a brief overview on how to protect yourself. But as the con artists get more cunning, I need to protect you, my clients, further. So here is part two.

1. Online Scams – The Imitators

Since the disappearance of Crackpage, new directories have emerged (mostly shoddy websites crafted by the shiftiest of them all). One of these especially stands out from the rest because of the bad name they have made for themselves, ie. Skokka.

Skokka has taken it upon themselves to allow people to post adverts using escort photos stolen from other websites. Now Skokka says they have no control over this. If you ask me, I am of the opinion that it is themselves who are posting these ads. That’s right…stealing watermarked images from websites such as EuroGirls, Scarlet Blue, City of Love, Girl Directory & Massage Republic and using them on their own website to build content. But that’s just my opinion.

Here’s the clincher! The ads have been put up with contact details that do not belong to the escort in the photos! What is the big problem with this you ask? Keep reading…

Now most times I am ok with websites “stealing” my photos as long as they let me know they are doing it and place the correct contact information on the ad. After all, it is free advertising. What would piss me off though is if someone used my photos or information to promote their escort scam.

Not only are these arseholes of the highest order using the stolen images of reputable escorts, they are impersonating those escorts, asking for deposits then running away with the money, leaving the escort with a bad reputation and making the business of deposit collection for everyone else even harder than it already is.

So what can you do about this? Simple. Here are a few tips and tricks.

– Do a Google search for the phone number that is listed on adverts. My number for example is +61414583248. Type that into Google and see what you get. Is it all me? Did you see a link that did not have my name on it? Nope…then we should be all good. 🙂

– If your search came up with multiple names, ads, photos, etc., be worried. Be very worried.

– Check that the phone number on the advert matches the number on the escort’s website. Check the email as well…just to be sure.

– When looking at photos on a website, check to see if the watermarking belongs to the website. If it’s Skokka, they should be watermarked with a Skokka logo and nothing else. When you searched for my number above, you would’ve seen a few scammy looking websites that have “stolen” watermarked images from my website. Could I be bothered chasing them up? Nope…they’ve got my contact details and my website address on the ad and I’m happy. 🙂 What it does suggest though is that it is a shoddy website and you should be very careful when using it.

2. Online Scams – The Competition

As much as you and I would like to think that it is all fairy floss and rainbows between escorts, it couldn’t be further from the truth. While it all seems like it on Twitter…people being all nice and sweet to each other…but believe me when I say you have absolutely no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

The ugly truth is most escorts consider other escorts to be competition. There is jealousy, decades of fighting between escorts who’ve known each other for long periods of time, and even if that wasn’t the case, there are disagreements, pettiness, bitchiness and really a very ugly side to the escort industry (that I do not wish to be a part of or associate with).

What happens when you get, take for example, two grown ass women who have been at war with each other for yonks? A very big pile of messy shit…

Here are some examples of what some of them would/could resort to to bring their competition down:

– Setting up multiple Twitter accounts posing as “clients” acting like they have been scammed by the other so-called escort…then using this as “proof” that the escort is unreputable.
– Setting up troll accounts used to post nasty comments and remarks on another escort’s Twitter account
– Posing as that escort, collecting deposits in her name then scamming the client and running away with their money (essentially the same as the Imitator scam above except conducted by one escort to put another escort into disrepute).

In shock? Believe me it happens. So what can you do about this?

– Google search the number in the ad. Does it match the number on the escort’s website?

– Contact the escort via various means to confirm that it is her/him and only her/him you are dealing with. Twitter DMs, emails, Whatsapp, Wechat, REAL phone calls. You could start with an email then move onto phone communication.

– Get a receipt for the deposit or keep some form of proof that you are making the deposit, eg. bank statement.

– Avoid deposit options where there is no recourse (eg. bank transfers). If you pay by credit card, you can at least reverse the charge if you get scammed. Western Union or bank transfers…say goodbye to your moolah.


Not the end. Stay tuned for more….