These are genuine, unedited client reviews and post-booking texts from Melbourne and Interstate tours. Their names have been altered to protect their privacy. 

Andy, September 2016 – QLD

Hi Anita, thank you very much for the time we could spend together last night. You are amazing and I loved every second I spent with you. Have a great day. Andy.

Dave, September 2016 – QLD

Hi Sweetheart. Thanks 4 yesterday u really spoiled me. I had a very good time. U r so Beautiful & sexy. Take care & stay safe SPECIAL BIG HUGS & KISSES 4U.

L.K, August 2016 – QLD

You met my expectations over and beyond what I was expecting. You’re so gorgeous to me when I saw you first time today. You should show your face in your photos!
I had a nice time of being with you
Thank you Anita and I will be waiting to see u again soon.  :) xx

Dreamer, February 2013

Beauty at its best!!!! Beautiful girl, flawless body. This was my first time with her. She walked in to my place perfectly dressed and wearing sexy lingerie. We had a good time together. Anita is a great companion to spend time with. She has long legs and is very friendly and is the best at what she does!!!!! One word – AMAZING!

Chris, September 2012

Anita is every guys dream girl. Beautiful, smart, sexy and down to earth, It was a pleasure to have her company during our time together. She really is a genuine and sophisticated woman and you will enjoy every minute with her!

Ryan, August 2012

Incredible, stunning and so down to earth. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Anita. Talking to this amazing woman was like talking to a best friend who I have known for years. Nothing felt forced or rushed the entire time, and I could have spent the entire night with her, not even got undressed, and still would have left a very happy boy. Don’t worry about (Tony ;) the driver, he’s only there at the start.
Just treat Anita like the beautiful, elegant woman she is, and you won’t have a better night in your entire life. I personally guarantee it.