Why do I Ask for Deposits?

I have very recently come across more often than I used to, prospective clients expressing their concerns with making a deposit. The majority of these concerns stem from having being scammed 99% of the time by unscrupulous escort agencies.

I understand you may be hesitant about making a deposit, whether it’s due to previously being scammed or for privacy concerns, which is why it is important for you to do some research before booking me.

Why do I ask for deposits?

1. To eliminate fake bookings not only from timewasters but also from other escorts.

2. For my safety, especially where working in a country as an escort is illegal.

3. When a client is financially invested in the booking with me, we both value each other’s time. I know you will turn up because you have paid a deposit for the session and you know I will be there to collect the huge remaining balance.

4. While I am available any time of day with advanced bookings, I do have a life including when I am touring. Bookings secured with deposits allow me to structure my day and still have time for rest and relaxation.

I have been well established in Melbourne and overseas since 2012. You may follow my Twitter account – twitter.com/MsAnitaLove – and also Google research. My Melbourne escort license number is SWA8284XE (yes in Melbourne you have to be registered to be an escort – it is illegal to work without this registration). If you Google this number, you will see my reviews from 2012. Search for my website address – anitaindependentescort.com – on Whois.com – it was registered in 2012.

If I have been scamming people for measley $150 deposits since 2012 don’t you think this will be in my reviews or on Twitter by now? Do you really think an international escort established since 2012 lives on $100 deposits? Do you really think someone who lives on deposits can afford to travel the world doing international tours? If you do, then I suggest seeing another escort.

While the deposit options I offer do not require you to divulge any of your personal information to me, if you still have concerns of privacy, then please speak to me about alternative options. And yes, you will need to speak to me by ringing me as I do not offer this information via text.

So please place your concerns where it is needed the most – on the fake independent escorts with pretty little fake photos stolen from people’s instagram and facebook accounts represented by agencies on backpage who are very likely to scam you of your money or send someone who looks nothing like the girl in the photos, thank you very much.

This is the reason why established, reputable independent escorts are getting more popular as time goes on. If you do your research, you will know that I am a genuine, well established escort with accurate photos and description (as you can see from my reviews), who charges what she is worth and who runs a reputable business. Just as with any other busy reputable business that has limited time, a deposit is required to use my services.

I thank you for your understanding.


The One and Only of many Melbourne Escorts, Miss Anita Love.